Electric Knife Reviews – 2022’s Best Electric Knives

It is true that slicing and chopping can be fun, but for most of us, it can be a lot of stress and effort. Just imagine an arthritis patient cutting several veggies to make a soup or rice dish and you will feel that doing so can be a tough time for them. For such people, an electric knife is the key to prevent their ailment from coming on their way to cut and slice. Even for those who feel burdensome using a manual knife in the kitchen or in the yard due to grip issue, an electric version is the best replacement option. That’s why we have put together a guide to help you choose the best electric knife.

Electronic Knife

Benefits of Having an Electric Knife

With very little effort in the form of pushing a button or pulling a trigger, it is possible to chop and carve independently of the existing medical condition. This is because the powerful two blades take up all the effort to give you the desired result by cooperating with each other. Even if there is no medical condition, an electric knife is a more convenient option when it comes to slicing the bread’s loaf or prepping a potato.

An electric knife works much like a hand mixer having locked blades inside for security. After its proper installation, the knife works by moving back and forth rapidly for penetrating as deeply as possible, perhaps with a serrated edge. This means that you only need to point the tool in the precise direction to start using it.

This is how an electric knife is easier to use than a standard knife. Run by an engine, this hand-held tool’s motor is coupled with the saw-toothed blades, both of which facilitate uniform cuts more easily as well as quickly. This is irrespective of whether you are cutting tomatoes, carrots, squash, onions, or ginger.

Apart from cut quality and speed, an electric knife ensures better consistency when you deal with hard-to-cut stuff. This is possible because your attention is now only on the cut rather than the manner of slicing.

Another benefit is in terms of cost. Unbelievably, even top electric knives cost less than a quality conventional kitchen knife belonging to mid range. Moreover, an electric knife does not call for regular sharpening and that the serration allows for quick task out of anything in front of them. If you keep your fingers away from the blade, an electric knife is one of the most useful kitchen appliances for you to have.

How to choose the best Electric Knife

There are different models and brands to explore when it comes buying an electric knife. While such variety is required to meet different needs and budgets, it is often the cause of confusion for selecting the most suitable one. Therefore, to avoid such confusion, there are some factors for you to consider prior to buying an electric knife as well as at the time of buying it.

Prior to Purchase

  • Frequency of Use: If you wish to use the tool once in a day or two, it is essential for you to pick a durable piece having a good warranty period. This shall help in using the knife for a long time. In case you want it only for special events, a cheaper knife will do. In this way, you will be spending your money more rationally, even if it is for an expensive knife.
  • Items to Cut: Are you among those who keep different knives for cutting veggies and breads? If you need one for cutting breads, go for an electric knife that is made especially for that task. Do not then go for an all-purpose version. In case you want such a knife, be prepared to shell out more, as such models are usually costlier than those specialty ones. After all, you are enjoying the versatility from a single piece!
  • Your Strength: It is true that an electric knife will not make you work tirelessly but there is a twist in some situations. For example, if you are using it on frozen stuff, you might need to put in some force or effort. In that case, choose a knife that is friendly with your arms, especially if you are using it incessantly for a longer period.

At the time of buying, it is always wise to try the knife before you pay its price. This trial will allow examining whether the tool satisfies you and meets your budget as well as preferences. When you take its test, you will know how easy it is to lift and hold. During this test or even before that, you need to consider a few primary factors for selecting the right model, which otherwise is a tricky affair. Nevertheless, it is still a time consuming task but you are guaranteed to get the best one.

At the Time of Buying

  • Type: Well, there are two types to choose from namely, cordless and corded. A cordless knife runs on a battery, due to which it is ideal for outdoor use or while on the go, although you can use it in the kitchen. A corded knife, as it indicates, needs an electrical outlet and is more powerful than the former type. Cordless should be your preference, if portability is your first priority. However, be ready to recharge the battery once it runs out. If portability is not essential, you can let go of some maneuverability for enjoying incessant and consistent cutting power, if power cut is not an issue.
  • Handle: Obviously, the handle should be comfortable when it comes to handling the tool. It should be such that your fingers do not slip down toward the extremely sharp blades. While there are different models available, you should look for the one that you can maneuver easily. Moreover, the handle should be near the switch so that it becomes easy for you to control the engine using the same hand. Further, there should be no feeling of vibration at the time of operation or else your hand will become numb. To avoid this risk, always choose an ergonomic handle so that it adapts to your hand’s contour perfectly.
  • Blades: These should be sturdy and non-corrosive. Generally, you will find a sharp serrate blade made up of stainless steel. This material makes the blade not only strong but also durable. It does not warp or tarnish with usage or time. The more the sharpness, the cleaner is the cut. You should also consider having a removable blade so that it becomes easier for you to clean with soap and water. Similarly, consider the length to be of at least 8 or 9 inches so that cutting is easier. If you wish to cut big chunks, you might need a longer blade. Moreover, separate blades are required for cutting breads. For slicing breads more frequently, you need to have a tool with smoother cutting surface. This is because such knives ensure very clean slices through a fresh piece while protecting your hands when loaf steam comes out.
  • Battery Life: This is applicable if you are looking for a cordless model. For saving money, consider having a rechargeable battery for an electric knife. Doing so prevents you to purchase batteries repeatedly.
  • Engine: Well, the motor/engine should be powerful. Consider buying a knife that consumes just 100 watts while cutting thickly through foods.
  • Cutting Performance: Well, this needs to be accurate and clean with just some sawdust trace, which only a high quality electric knife can ensure.
  • Strength: The components of your electric knife should not only be functional but also durable. This becomes evident when you ask for the warranty period. The more the durability, the more is this period. Therefore, get an electric knife with a longer span of warranty. This ensures that any malfunction or damage is to be repaired by the company. Go for at least two years of warranty.
  • Cord Length: This feature is only applicable to corded knives and is important to consider. If the cord is short, you cannot use the knife easily. At the same time, it is uncomfortable to use a knife with a too long cord. Therefore, it makes sense to go for the right cord length for the sake of comfort. For this purpose, you need to visualize the spot where the knife will be put to use and the distance of that sport from the nearest power outlet. Because you will be using the knife mostly in the kitchen, consider the kitchen’s power outlet and cutting table to determine the right cord length.
  • Ease of Operation: Along with strength and durability, the knife should also ensure ease of use. You should feel comfortable while using the tool. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to cut accurately.
  • Multiple Speeds: This feature is necessary when you need to cut those extra tough items. With variable speed control, you can easily speed up or speed down the operation as required, at the time of preparation or serving.
  • Design: Although not mandatory, it is recommended having a stylish knife if you wish to use it during special occasions or executing a catering project. Because others can see your knife, you might go with a chic handle and glossy blades to cast an impression on others.
  • Cleanability: Besides removable, the blades should be dishwasher-friendly.
  • Storage: these days, several models are made in a way such that they fit inside a storage unit or box. Consider such a model if you are not going to use the knife daily.

5 Best Electric Knives of 2022

Cuisinart CEK-40

Cuisinart CEK-40
This corded model offers additional cutting power to you through its two stainless steel blades (carving and bread slicing) and motor. This is irrespective of whether you are working with vegetables or French bread. It features a comfortable ergonomic handle suitable for both right and left handed users, a wood block tray for storage, 4-foot cord, one-touch on/off control, blade lock, safety lock for the counter or drawer storage, and space for cord wrapping. The knife is built as per the North American electrical standards and offers a warranty of three years.

Oster FPSTEK2803B

Oster FPSTEK2803B
Consider this knife if you wish to master the art of carving in your kitchen without much hassle. It slices with exact precision due to which you can serve with assurance (of good looks). The knife features an ergonomically designed handle, 10-inch long stainless steel blade that is removable, and a special cutting tip for tough areas of carving. It also comes with storage case as well as a separate carving fork.

Mister Twister 120V

Mister Twister 120V
This one is famous for two things: contrasting color design and sharp blade that can cut through any food quickly and with least waste. The serrated 7-inch blade is easy to use and gives accurate result. You can even go for a 9-inch blade for larger tasks. The knife comes with a safety button to avert accidental start, and quick blade release for quick removal, and 5-feet long recoil cord. The comfortable handle, heavy-duty motor generating 50% more torque, and lightweight design ensure ease of use and safety. The knife has a 2-year limited warranty.

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set
Adhering to North American Electrical Standards, this is another premium electric knife, but this one is available at a far affordable rate. It comes with a dual serrated 7.5-inch blade of stainless steel, which slices like a pro with 100 watts of power. The knife also features a two-pronged, dishwasher-safe, 12-inch fork in a compact flexible plastic case and a non-slip trigger eliminating the need to stop and start the operation in the middle and ensuring a cleaner experience. However, the knife gets overheated with prolonged use.

Black+Decker EK700 9-Inch

Black+Decker EK700 9-Inch
This one is a contoured modern design having all the latest features for slicing breads made at home. It is made to cut thin or thick slices with speed as well as precision. The knife comes with dishwasher-safe stainless steel blades with 7-inch serrated part and 2-inch tang prior to the safety guards of plastic. The knife also features an ergonomic handle with proper grip and safety lock to keep accidental start at bay. The blade comes with a quick release tab for easy removal. The warranty period is of one year.


One of these top 5 electric knifes is likely to fulfill your diverse needs. However, we strongly recommend selecting an electric knife only after thoroughly mapping its features to your needs and budget, as well as after going through a few customer reviews.

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